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Water flow calibration

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    Water flow calibration


    I am having a bit of trouble getting the water flow to work properly.

    All I need is on pulse = one count = one liter or one unit. what I am getting is one pulse = one count = 4.52. I have tried adjusting the numbers in the setup but it has no effect. And besides the default is 1=1 which is what I need.

    I have left it for overnight a couple of times just to see if it would reset itself but no luck.

    Any help would be great.


    Previously I posted the liter to gallon conversion of...

    The segment from the manual would indicate that your scale factor should be 0.26 since there is 0.26 gallon per liter

    Are you indicating that you see no difference when you change the cal value for water flow to this value? The value is based upon change since midnight so wait until the next day before looking to see the effect of calibration changes.

    The software was designed for meters of one count per gallon. Other meters will need to use a calibration factor to indicate the count/volume relationship
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