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    The baro integration is a bootstrap process. I first need a SW development environment and the AAG barometer. Once basic communication is established then remote diagnostics are possible. Thank you for the offer, but for the first step it would need to be a remote desktop with VB6 tools on your PC and that is likely not in the cards. Then with restarts and hangs it is awkward remotely.


      If no one else offers anything better, let's look at the idea again.

      I would give you a virtual desktop; you can reboot whenever you want; the machine would be dedicated to you.

      I would just need to replug my weather station from its now useful work around the house and leave it there for the period you need it (a week or two?).

      VB6 shouldn't be any problem; there's a 2Mb adsl (so only 256K from the site but 2Mb in) which doesn't get much use otherwise at the moment. With remote desktop, if you tell it appropriately in the options as you are about to log in, you may know that all your local disks become available as networked disks to the controlled machine so it's easy to download stuff.

      It would be neater if someone could give you what you need in the US. If not, let me know and I'll try and get it set up sometime soon (requires me in the house to replug the USB connections, and I travel a lot).



        I'm willing to give it a try. You can give me a email at mcsSolutions 'at' CenturyTel 'dot' net to arrange the specifics. Unless there are some problems this can be done in a day on the weekend.