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    I found the calculation. Looks like a simple scaling which is already supported by the software. I did try to run the Windows application downloaded from AAG to compare my reading vs theirs and was never able to get their software to recognize the adapter on my computer. Have you tried to use their Baro application?


      I have used the AAG software,and find it *incredibly* buggy, but hey, it's free . Took me 3 or 4 trieds to get it to show up as it's not a user intuitive way of adding sensors (if it even works at all.) The readings I got on that were the same as OWW until I added the offset in OWW.



        I too have used the software from the AAG website and found it to be ok for temp but the baro was about 10 hPa out compared to other local readings. Lucky Weather Display has an offset option!!


          With persistence I was able to get the AAG SW to see the unit and generate output. The readings were the same as I obtained from my software so I believe I have the implementation correct. I just need to finish up the user interface. I will add an offset calibration to supplement the altitude-based slope calibration and post the update in a day or two.


            Hi Michael,

            Just saw this thread, and correct me if I'm wrong, but did you say you have the TAI8570 now working with your software. I have one of these sensors sitting on the shelf for over a year now and it would be great to use it. I know it's a burden on the system but I plan to put this sensor on it's own off a DS0907U and poll it say every 5 mins or so. What do you think?

            Anyway great if you have the support for this now, however if you think it may not be the best solution then no problem.

            Many thanks,



              It is supported with xapmcs1Wire and not mcsTemperature. Each pressure sample takes about 30 seconds and the CPU is pretty much dedicated to this function during that time. I elected not to put the code in mcsTemperature because of the implications it would have to loading down Homeseer. You can get it from xapmcs1wire into homeseer via an xap plugin.