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    Graph question

    I have approx 22 temp sensors and a few others.

    When I go to the Temp page to do the trend graph (ver 4.44.4) It only shows one sensor (the office temp)

    All the data is in the database and looks good and in the ini file all the sensor are listed as well under the asp it even indicates that 4 sesnor are checked but when it comes the the trend page only the office is listed.

    This has been like this for quite a while I just have not had time to get to it.

    Any ideas or help


    The Trend Groups are used to define the set of sensors you want on a specific display page. There are two checkboxes for each sensor. One will make it available for display and then later selected locally when the graph is drawn. The other will actually cause it to display when the graph is first displayed. Normally both will be checked for each sensor you want on the same graph.


      Sorry I guess I did a bad job of explaining the problem.

      I am not getting any items to check. Just the one office temp.


        Each sensor on the Analog and Discrete tabs that have a name for the database field should be shown on the Trend Group page. If this is not happening then is there anything in the HS log that may indicate why?


          Yes the page indicates 5 sensors checked and all sensors have a database name that dose correspond to the correct sensor in the database file.

          With the exception of the forecast data which I am not archiving.




            OK its not you. After I checked your ideas I started thinking something is blocking the asp and the database. Because all the data is there and the ini is good etc.

            So I put a packet sniffer on the problem and it is norton security blocking IE talking with Access. If I turn off Norton it works. It must have something to do with some recent updates because it started blocking all sorts of stuff a while ago.

            Thanks VERY much for your help.
            I know customer support can be a real pain in the butt.



              Glad you found it. Several years ago I kicked Norton anitvirus off my computer because I found it too invasive.