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Problem importing from data file

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    I was able to use your files as-is and all worked fine. I think you will also have success if you change your scaling to use the comma rather than the period since the comma is your decimal separator per your regional settings. The barometer, for example, would be ",001" rather than ".001".

    My test was with HS1, but it should be fine with HS2 as well. Your database was created properly and had some readings with 0 values stored. I've got no idea as to the scheduling of bug fixes with HST. I know Rick has starting looking into it and has gather some data on suspected causes.


      A . or , that's the question...!

      This looks much better, the scaling works, it starts to draw the graphs, I have to wait for more data, no more errors, I have the data in the virtual devices with the right values.

      Using, spaces instead of , and thefact that Eurepeans use ,'s instead of .'s is quite a showstopper.

      This I can use for the control projects I have in mind.

      Michael thanks for your patience, help and persistence !