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Combined Humidity/Temp Sensor

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    Combined Humidity/Temp Sensor


    Does MCS Temperature support the combined Humidity/Temp Sensor from Hobby-Boards?

    I'll be installing a few of these later this week and was hoping to use the MCS Temperature plugin for integration with HomeSeer.


    I believe it is the same implementation as the AAG & JWare units with the addition of photosensor on one of the A/D channels of the DS2438 for a Solar indication. It should work fine with mcsTemperature. If there are any differences with the AAG, JWare, or MidonDesign Humidity interfaces then Eric can provide the info necessary to tweak the plugin.

    I would be curious to see how effective the Solar sensor would be in the computation of evaptransiration for irrigation. Mounting it in a place that can see the sun, but not be succumb by rain and dew could be a challenge. It may be possible to mount the photosensor outside and run the wire back to the circuit board.


      Yes, our Humidity/Temp is based on the JJWare design. It is a HIH-3610 humidity sensor interfaced through a DS2438. The temp sensor is just a DS18S20.

      The combined Humidity/Temp/Solar is a bit different than the stand alone Solar in that it uses one DS2438 for both humidity and solar. So the code needs to be able to use the same ROM ID for two sensors.



        What is the algorithm to convert from the three A/D readings from the DS2438 into a usable Solar index?