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Temperature Actions Setup is screwy in HS2

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    Temperature Actions Setup is screwy in HS2

    I am using Homeseer HS2 2041, and the web interface for Temperature Actions Setup is layed out in a jumbled fashion.

    On page 27 of the mcsTemperature_readme.pdf, the image shown in Figure 2 is how it appeared in HS version 1.

    In HS version 2, the layout in the web browser looks completely different with all the field of the same types grouped together without lables.

    It looks as though it was trying to reformat the image shown in Figure 2 for a web browser, and the result is really unreadable.

    Is there a fix for this?

    Is there a fix for this issue? I tried searching the forums and had no direct hits on this topic.


      The only SDK for HS was developed for HS1 and it has explicit interface defined to format the trigger, actions, and conditions. It appears that HS2 does not abide by this interface so it looks like a mess as you observe. The only hope for a user today is to look at the pictures in the manual to get an idea of what it should look like.

      I was not going to take any action on this until HST releases an SDK for HS2. I don't want to do something until I know what HST is going to support.

      By the way, which part of Seattle?


        OK, just making sure I was not missing a patch or something.

        When is that SDK due to be out?

        I grew up in Seattle, but live in California now.


          There are no published schedules of which I'm aware. I think that the expectation was less than a year, but the same is also true for expectation of getting to the same stability level that exists with HS1. When the help desk workload is sufficiently low then effort should be able to be placed with these non-essential tasks