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    Configuration queries

    apologies but i have a couple of quick configuration queries that I cannot find answers to in the documentation...

    1. I've just realised that the 85C readings I get every so often from two of my sensors and that skew my graphs are sensor errors. Is there any way to automatically ignore these from the max values and the graphs within mcsTemperature?

    2. How do I configure which temp devices show up for graphing? I've 5 devices but only 4 show up in temperature.asp with tick selection boxes?


    The 85 bad reading is detected for the DS9097 and in the Farenheit format from the Temp05, but I had missed the Celcius format and added that to V4.46.17. It will only change go-forward data collection so existing 85's in the database will remain unless you change them in the database.

    Trend groups define which sensors appear for charting and which default to include the lines on the graphs. The "Default" group should not be used. You can get to the page where these groups are edited from the "Trend Group" Menu or from the asp with the Edit as the selection for the Group pulldown