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Will these 1-wire products work with MCS Temperature?

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    Will these 1-wire products work with MCS Temperature?

    I want to test these with our system and they look really good, but I need to know they are compatible with MCSTemperature.

    A serial 1-wire hub & connector (uses the same Dallas chip (DS2480B) as the Serial Adaptor):

    A USB 1-Wire connector (DS9097U):

    A serial 1-wire connector (DS9490R):

    I like the fact this company provides the sensors setup for RJ-45.

    Anyone have anything good or bad to say about them?

    The DS9490 and DS9097U are directly compatible. I use the hub with xapmcs1Wire ( ), but not with mcsTemperature. You can interface xapmcs1Wire with Homeseer/mcsTemperature via xAP is an open protocol to allow hardware devices and software applications communicate over a LAN. It tends to yield a more distributed architecture that gives flexibilty and independence. The tradeoff is that it is another application that needs to be added to the startup group rather than a plugin that is added via the Homeseer setup.

    The hub is a good idea to improve reliability as you add new sensors and branches. I did not implement it with mcsTemperature because of the potential of breaking other capabilitites within mcsTemperature that have evolved over the years. There are many uses that do special things and I do not want to cause them problems.

    The DS9097U and DS9490 will both yield good results. There are a few other similar products that provide similiar capabiltiy, but these are the mainstream. I generally prefer serial devices for low speed communications because that technology is more mature. If your PC is USB-oriented then the DS9490 will do fine.

    HST did release the SDK for HS2 and elected to no longer support the formatting of data on plugin forms other than some basic HTML tags. When I get motivated I need to figure something out to make the mcsTemperature event forms usable under HS2.

    FYI, my wife is a biologist as well. No intereset on her part, however, with HA.