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    Lightning strike/rate

    I recently added a Hobby Boards lightning detector based on the DS2423 device. After testing I reset the counter via the Temp08. The homeseer device values are both zero for strike count and rate. The MCS display shows a rate of 30. The same device type is used for the AAG wind speed sensor which shows 'Wind Speed[AB000000017D4E1D]=10 MPH', Gust = 20 in the 1-wire monitor. The lightning device shows 'Lightning #01[FC00000007EA171D]=00011', which seems to translate to a 0 strike count and a rate of 30? When I reset the counter the value was 00000, so something is incrementing, but how can I translate the value into lightning strikes and rate? It would seem that with 0 strikes the rate should be 0.

    Any help explaining how this should work would be appreciated. I did order the most recent firmware for the Temp 08, but wasn't aware of any fixes for this particular sensor.

    If this should be on a different forum please let me know. I just didn't know where to start.

    Thanks, Gardner

    The Temp08 returns the absolute count returned from the DS2423. mcsTemperature computes the delta from the reading that was returned at midnight. This is the displayed value by mcsTemperature for lightning strikes.

    mcsTemperature computes the counts over the last three sample periods and averages is converted to a per hour rate.

    I dont recall what happens when you reset the counter or what is reported before the first midnight reading is taken.

    I dont know if this explains what your are seeing or not, but let it run for a day without changing the counter value via the Temp08 and see if it starts to make sense.


      Thanks, it makes more sense now. I'll check on it tomorrow.