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Browser-based mcsTemperature UI

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    I did not retain the vb project, but all you need to do is open vb and it will ask the type of project you want. You will select standard exe. It will then give you a blank project and form. Dbl-click anywhere on the form and it will open the code editor and create a Sub called Form_Load. In that sub you put the statement Main or whatever the name you used at the start of the wel.txt script that is call by Homeseer. Then take the .txt file you use as the Homeseer script and past it under the End Sub on this page. Use the F8 key and you will single step through the code. If you type Ctl-G then it will open the Immediate window at the bottom. In that window you can type statements and it will evalute them. This is usefull to execute other subroutines out of sequence of look at the value of an expression or variable.


      Thanks So Much