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Hobby Boards and USB

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    Hobby Boards and USB

    I have read on the Cocoon boards that the mcsTemp plug-in will not support the Hobby-Boards 6 channel hub when using the USB DS9490R interface.

    Can someone confirm this to be true or not?

    The interface to the hobby-boards hub was implemented with xapmcs1wire and not mcsTemperature. BSR made up a nice diagram and there is a discussion on the subject at



      So if I understand this correctly, the xap "stuff" will be used to make the interface to devices on this 1wire hub in addition to collecting data and providing charts.

      Does that mean that I wouldn't need mcsTemp if all my devices were connected through this hub?


        The way the sensor values are transfered follow the path of

        Sensor ->Hobby-Boards Hub Master -> xapmcs1Wire -> LAN

        The data on the LAN can then go various ways. It will always be the case that the first stop is with an xAP Hub. In this scenario then there are one of two, or both options available.

        1. xAPHub -> mcsXap -> Homeseer -> mcsTemperature <- Browser
        2. xAPHub -> xapmcsDatabase <- xapmcsChart <- Browser

        To answer your specific question, Homeseer and mcsTemperature are optional. Likewise going the other path xapmcsDatabase and xapmcsChart are optional. What iis not optional is the Hobby-Boards Hub and xapmcs1Wire.



          I think I'm getting somewhere. A few more questions:

          I got your xap apps listed (xapMCS, xap1wire, and xapHub)

          I can get to the point of seeing data from the 1wire in the 1wire viewer (port 8014), but I cannot figure out how to get this into homeseer.

          I've been reading the xap threads, but am at a loss.



            I got it figured out.

            Now, how to get the xap 1wire devices setup to be trended in mcstemp?

            I can't see in the mcstemp setup how to tell it to grab the new xap device data for trending.


              The analog tab in mcsTemperature will be use to indicate the virtual device that was used by the mcsXap plugin when you "A" accepted the sensor into Homeseer. For the switches & relays you will use the Discrete tab.



                Got it working now. Just needed to erase the information that was originally in place from have the 1wire device directly accessed by mcstemp and add the xap devices.