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1 wire temp errors

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    1 wire temp errors

    Using a 1 wire weather station with a USB DS9490R

    I currently only have the Weather station hooked up.
    Everything seems to be working as it should, updating correctly but I am getting a lot of errors registerd on the Sensor Error Count device??? Device _1 is the temperature sensor built into the unit.

    Total 9x9x Sensor Errors=2682 : Last Error with device _1 Temperature Sensor Error Count

    Thanks Jim

    I assume you mean the AAG wind/temp unit. The temperature sensor can be configured with or without external power. Be careful with it as the wiring pins are different than most other 1-wire products that use RJ11 connectors. If I recall it needs to be left unpowered otherwise it conflicts with something else.

    You can look at the raw data stream in the IO window provided to observe actual behavior between the sensor and the DS9490. Wiring problems either with quality of the connection or the topology of the wiring are the usual culprits for 1-wire errors.

    The error device is simply informative and it telling you that someting needs attention at the hardware end.


      I moved the USB DS9490R from a USB hub to an on board USB port and the errors have stoped