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1 wire water gauge

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    Yep that seems to have sorted it :-).

    I have the "mm for rain Output" checked but it is still showing in litres? is that correct?



      The mm for Output results in a scaling of the count by .254 to deal with Imperial to Metric unit conversion. Threre is also a rain calibration number on the setup that you can use to as a multiplier to get cm or mm units if you prefer. I dont want to change the current default scaling since other are likely using it and I do not want to disturb what they already have.


        OK but if it has done the convertion and I have mm selected then why does it still report in litres not mm.

        I can work out the calibration just would like it to display in mm



          jim'll - regarding a combo AAG Weather station & Rain gauge have a similar setup but both AAG rain guage and AAG weather station are attached to a TEMP08 device. Typically when I have a power glitch and the settings on the TEMP08 get reset I use a serial terminal session and

          1 - bring one device up at a time (which can be kind of difficult) or
          2 - if they conflict I delete the rouge duplicate device and INI & TYP a second time.
          (INI and TYP are Temp08 propietary commands)

          Once my DIS (TEMP08 command) is OK where I see both weather station and rain gauge I then load HS/MCSTemperature.
          - Pete

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            There is a lot of legacy with mcsTemperature. I cannot recall the details. I suspect the label on the setup page should read ltr rather than mm. The calibration factor allows you to scale it to any decade you desire.




                I'm not understanding if you are seeing a scaling problem or a labeling problem. Area you looking at the data displayed in the device string which should have a label of "mm" or "in" for rainfall? Is it the chart Y axis label which will be "Rain in" or "Rain mm". Is it the value that is scaled wrong. Each count from the counter is treated as 0.254 mm or 0.01 in to which the calibration factor can be multiplied.

                For the water flow the labeling is "liters" or "gallons". The scaling is 1 gallon or 4.544 liter per count to which the calibration factor is applied.


                  I thought I had a labelling problem but I think I must have some devices missing.
                  The only devices I have connected to the rain sensor are Water Flow and water flow rate, these both report in litres
                  I have no other devices related to rain?
                  Should I not have another device that reports the amount of rain in mm or inches?
                  If so where is it?

                  I do have 4 "Voltage" devices what are they should one of them be associated with the rain sensor.

                  Sorry if I am being a pain and am probably missing something obvious


                    The devices you have selected as water flow probably should be selected to be rainfall sensors. This will be the Rain Today and Rain Rate selections. The water flow sensor measures volume of water flowing while the rainfall sensor measures the height of a water column.



                      2 more things then I will be sorted :-).

             the list of devices there is one with "rain month" I have selscted this and put in a virtual device but it does not update there is nothing in the database field or sensor serial number?
                      How do I get this feature working?

                      2.Even though I have selected not to show raw data and niether of the debug logs are selected I am still getting alot of data in the log?

                      Thanks jim


                        The monthly rainfall is made available for a weather source that delivers it. AWS weather sites that report rainfall typically also report monthly accumulations. mcsTemperature itselft does not generate totals beyond the daily total to populate virtual devices, but it does allow them to be viewed in the tables or trend charts from the browser.

                        There was a version that generated extra debug info to help a user isolate a problem that I had forgotten to remove. I know the version posted at the top of this subforum does not contain it.


                          Thank you very much for all your help.