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    The interface being described for the "freezing" problem cannot be replicated with a Temp05. It requires the DS9097U or DS9490 using the ActiveX drivers provided by Dallas Semiconductor.

    If we focus on temperature sensors then the A/D conversion process takes about 1 second per sensor. During this conversion time the Dallas Semi drivers wait for the conversion to complete. During this wait time the mcsTempeature process is non-responsive.

    After each sensor reading is made available from the driver to mcsTempeature then mcsTemperature will call back to HS (hs.DeviceString) to see if the new value is a change and if so then call back to HS again to make the update (hs.SetDeviceString etc.).

    When then number of sensors is increased then the block of time when the A/D conversion is happening increases. When the sample interval is increased the percentage of time doing A/D conversion also increases. It is possible to reduce the interval or increase the number of sensors such that nearly 100% of the time is spent waiting for A/D conversion.

    The polling interval is based on a VB timer. It is an exe plugin. mcsTemperature does use the HSEvent callback from HS, but for this scenario its processing does not involve the Dallas Semi drivers so the return should be fast. The same is true for other HS-sourced calls into the plugin.

    My solution to this interface dependency is to move to an IP/TCP rather than a memory interface. xapmcs1Wire contains the same input processing for the DS9097U/DS9490 as mcsTemperature, but it communicates via IP/TCP so there are no execution dependencies.



      If I move to the xapmcs1Wire, Do I need to uninstall MCSTemp from HomeSeer ?

      I have allready downloaded the mcsxap plugin, xapmcs 1 wire, xapmcs chart, xapmcs Database and the setup documentation.
      Is this what I need to get started ?

      I have read the setup doc. But still a little confused about what to do with the files do I import them into HS, or are they stand alone ?


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        You can use mcsTemperature as you use it now except for the interface of the 1-wire. Take a look at which describes both the setup with and without mcsTemperature. If you do not want mcsTemperature for your data collection and charting then let me know and I will give you licence codes for the xAP equivalents.