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mcstemperature stops working

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    mcstemperature stops working


    within 10 minutes up to 5 hours, mcstemperature stop working and blocks all HomeSeer web activities.
    HomeSeer event handdling still works.
    mcstemperature appears in the task manager with a "no response" label, no way to end application.
    Only issue is rebooting the machine.
    I have switched to general debug Log last sentences are always:
    ~GetDS9097Data for port USB2
    ~EvaluateDeviceAction DeviceActionCollection.Count=0, MonitoredEventCount=0

    I have tried deleting the mcsTemperature.ini, same problem

    I enclose for your attention the relevant fragment of HS Log together with the ini file

    Thanks for your assistance

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    These debug lines are periodic execution so they do not point to anything special. The isolation procedure I would use to reduce the functionality enabled in mcsTemperature.

    The behavior appears to be something related to the interaction between hs_compatibiltiy and mcsTemperature. One appears to be waiting for the other to complete something.

    mcsTemperature accesses the internet if forecast data is collected. This is a setting on the Interface page/tab.

    It is called periodically by HS to evaluate trigger conditions. This is also a setting within mcsTemperature to not support the event triggers.

    The DS9490 interface is a candidate, but not as likely since HS is not involved with this process.

    Another thing to look into is if any debug capabilty exists within HS to indicate what it was last doing when it hangs. I think this is something like hs.DebugMode. It should be in the help file.

    Also make certain the desktop is clear and no mcsTemperature forms are waiting input. Again not likely, but just trying to brainstorm.


      Originally posted by Michael McSharry
      These debug lines are periodic execution so they do not point to anything special.
      Well...this is always these very same last sentences before dying

      "Collect forecast data" is unchecked
      I unchecked "enable temperature control trigger"
      So far so good since 12 hours...

      I played with the different setting and possibly messed around
      Have you seen odd things in my ini file ?
      would you advise to "reinstall" mcstemperature
      - delete mcstemperature.ini
      - delete mcstemperature.mdb
      - keep mcstemperature.lf ??
      - overwrite hspi_mcstemperature.exe
      - any registry modification ?
      - anything else to remove?



        If you want to start over then the only things you need to rename or delete are mcsTemperature.ini and the database which is likely mcsTemperature.mdb.

        mcsTemperature periodically executes based upon an internal timer. Since the last thing in the log is the last thing done in the timer loop it means that mcsTemperature is completing it normal execution.

        mcsTemperature is also invoked by HS via the SDK protocol or via scripts. It is likely that the hangup is related to this non-scheduled activity. The primary candidate is the trigger interface because it involves a back and forth exchange with Homeseer.

        What this means from a "start over" is that all homeseer devices and events that involve mcsTemperature need to be deleted too.

        I did not look at your ini file as I do not know of any setting that would cause erroneous behavior.


          System is still stalling

          The 1wire network has
          - 1 aag wind istrument
          - 1 18S20 temp sensor
          - 1 Hobby board barometer

          I downsized the network and I have only the wind intrument connected without any problem since 24 hours ...

          What is this "switch" with unknown Status?
          Should it appear in the sensor and status page?

          Also, please confirm that, in the sensor page, I can safely remove "DC" and "DB fields" for those sensor I don't want to show in the HS status page, and I don't want to include in the Database

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            You can clear out the DB and DC and Location names for anything that you do not want to include. I believe it will delete the devices from HS and leave the already collected data alone in the database.

            The switch is likely part of the 1-wire interface that plugs into your PC. Just remove it as illustrated in the prior paragraph.