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Error when staring Msc temperature

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    Error when staring Msc temperature

    I installed MSC temperture, but when I click on the buton to start the aplication i only get an error script page. It says error in an variable "usann" which is norwegain for "false". I have set back language from Norwegian to US english but get the same error. The msc temperature configustaion page comes up OK

    I am aware of an Enable IO Interface button and also a Config button on the HS2 Interfaces page. I'm not aware of other buttons that "start" the interface. If the config page is displayed then it is enabled.

    mcsTemperatures error outputs all go to the HS log. If you are getting something on the browser page then it should be from HS. If it is not causing a problem for you then I would ignore it. If it is then perhaps a screenshot will help to fully understand or a help desk ticket with HST if it looks to be from HS rather than the plugin.


      more details

      This is what comes up in the Internet explorer window when i try to start MSC Temperature:

      Script error: Type mismatch: '[string: "Usann"]'

      If Not hs.GetINISetting("Web Agent", "AllowGuest", False, "mcsGuest.ini") Then
      If Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_USER") = "guest" Then


        It looks to be a sensitivity to variable type on the hs.GetIniSetting method with your version of HS2. I would suggest changing the \Config\Temperature.asp file to the attached.
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          I'm getting the same error when using the latest version of HS. I cannot find this file in the config directory C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HSPRO\Config

          I find a mcsTemperature.ini and .lf file but no .asp

          in C:\Program Files (x86)\HomeSeer HSPRO\html I found this file. Updating the file to the new suggested content works like a sharm