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How to do a clean start

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    How to do a clean start

    My MCS Temperature is making a mess from my sensors. I removed the ini and mdb files and started homeseer. And again old sensors showed up and lots of sensors are improper recognized. Winddirection showed up as 8 voltage devices etc.

    So the main question, how to make a clean start without rebuilding my homeseer configuration?

    The data is stored in mcsTemperature.ini, mcsForecast.ini and the database(s) you selected. The plugin reads the values from the device and does conversions for common applications. For wind direction, as an example, the 4 voltages are read and made available and they are also processed through an algorithm based upon the hardware design of the AAG wind instrument to determine wind direction. If you do not want a device then remove its device code & name from the Sensor setup page.

    The DS2423 counter is the most difficult one to configure because there are so many uses. The AAG wind instrument uses this device and the plugin computes wind speed and gust based upon the counter values. The DS2423 actually has two counters, but the AAG hardware for wind speed only uses one of them so the second one should not be assigned to anything. It will default as a water flow counter.