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Help with forecast and graphing digitals

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    Help with forecast and graphing digitals

    I've been using MCSTemperature for about a month now. I'm very happy with the temperature features. I'm not doing anything fancy, just logging existing virtual devices and a couple of temperature based events.

    However, I can't seem to get my digital virtual devices to graph. I have one that is the house occupancy and another that is the on/off status of the thermostat. The current status is displayed correctly in the table but nothing ever show up in the graph.

    I've included a snapshot of the sensor setup.

    Also, Every time I try to enter the ACCID (or zip code) and click save changes, it goes away and I can't see any forecast data. I'm using USMD0300 as the ACCID and 21117 as the zip code. I've read through the manual that was posted online and don't see anything that I've obviously missed (although I've obviously missed something.

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    The ACCID problem was fixed in V5.2.16 which is posted at the top of this subforum. I would suggest defining a group that contains one temperature sensor and one discrete and see if your discrete then appears. Do this after downloading the latest.



      I've upgraded to 5.2.21. Now the ACCID stays there but I still don't get any data. At least I'm getting an error message now.

      <TABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=0 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=LOGType0 align=left colSpan=3>mcsTemperature </TD><TD class=LOGEntry0 align=left colSpan=8>GetWeather2 C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\mcsTemperature.mdb Forecast, F1Max, SQL=SELECT * FROM Forecast WHERE v_LastUp = #2007-02-11 4:54:00 AM# DB=Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source= Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. on line 1420</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
      As for the digital, I assume I should see it in a color graph. I've enclosed a graph. I can see the dots on the x axis of the line chart and assume that is my data. I've tried setting the y axis min to -100, the dots are always on the axis.

      I'm sure it is going to be something stupid that I've missed.

      Thanks for your help.

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        Some have problem with the Forecast entries for F1Min through F5Max not being created. You can edit your database with Access so that the forecast table matches the attaches field definitions or you can use the template I've attached here so it will be already defined.

        I do not know if I do color charts for discretes. I did did with mcsMovement, but the technique I used was cpu intensive so it did not work well with large sets of data.
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          I'll see if I can get at the database with Access (I might have it on my office laptop, don't know I almost never user it). If not, I'll try your template to see if that works.

          As far as the digitals go, I used to work at an industrial control company and they had a great way of showing relay status using thin and thick lines for off and on. I've mocked up a graph as an example.

          I suspect your graphing tool doesn't support this natively so it might be tough to do. Just thought I'd throw it out there.

          BTW, I wasn't looking for the digital in the color graph. I was looking for something more like my mock up.

          Thanks for your help, hopefully I won't need to come back to you.

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            The digitals should show up as line charts that are scaled based upon the analog signals on the same chart. If your scale is 6 Hrs then it will be a digital waveform. If it for a longer period then it will be the ON duration per time interval. For example minutes ON/hour. If you do not have transitions over the period being shown then they may not show up.

            I agree that your mockup is effective. Chart Director is very flexible so it may be possible, but the worms are sleeping and I dont want to open up their can.


              I understand about the worms .

              As far as the digitals go, My hvac system had 5 transitions in the last hour and none of them show up in the line graph. It says, "No items selected for line graph".

              That sounds to me like there is no data in the DB. The question is why?

              I've just checked my office laptop and it has Access. In the next day or so, I'll check into the DB for both the digitals and the forecast fields. All should become clear.

              Thanks again.


                Displaying On Off status


                Did you manage to get something approaching what you wanted?

                I want to compare room temperature against the status of a conventional (on/off) room stat. So like you I would like to see the On and Off status against the room temperature graph.

                At the moment I just see a line at 100 for the thermostat status and the temperature as expected.
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                  Making Progress

                  Well I had a bit more of a look at this... Sometimes just describing it helps identify the problem?

                  I have managed to show the 'status' of the devices by changing the settings in 'Sensors' from 'temperature' to 'Status'. Obvious really!

                  I did try posting an example but just posted a link to my website, not what I has intended...

                  The remaining question now is: Can I display several devices on a graph at the same time, in my example a thermostat on/off status and a Pump on/off status? At the moment they appear at the same place on the graph overwritting each other...




                    The two device types that are processed as digital two-state values are Switch (Discrete Input) and Relay (Discrete Output). When these are charted they will be scaled based upon the other Analog data that is being displayed. Each will be scaled differently so the ON state will have a different horizontal line. The OFF state will be at the same min value which is usually 0.

                    If you change the type from Status or Temperature to Switch then the prior data collected for these devices will not be available since they are stored in a different table format where recording are made periodically. The Discrete data is stored so that only transitions are recorded. This saves space and allows for changes to be recorded at a fast rate than the sample interval for analog data. What this means is that your discrete charts will not be available until new data is collected to support them.

                    The 6 hour scale will show discrete as a classic digital waveform. The other scales will show cumulative ON time for the quantization interval. For example on a 24 hour scale it will show 24 values for each discrete where the upper horizontal line represents the minues that the discrete was ON during that hour.

                    If you are trying to compare waveforms between two control approaches then use the 6 hour scale. If you are trying to compare how long the discrete control is ON then use 24 hour or greater.