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Using DS2423 second counter

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  • kas
    I tried to contact you


    I tried to contact you, both by email and by PM
    Please let me know if you received the message
    I suspect your email address has changed; would you please update your profile, or send me a PM with your details.

    Yves from France

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  • Michael McSharry
    There is also a [Database] section that should be completed. It will look like your wattage entry(s), but with a different DC and field name. I believe the second counter also has a numeric suffix "1" to indicate the second channel.

    This was discussed previously at If you still have problems after these suggestions then ask again.

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  • Mario from Spain
    started a topic Using DS2423 second counter

    Using DS2423 second counter

    Hi Michael.

    I'm already using the first DS2423 counter to track energy (working very well for over one year) and would like to use the second one to track wather flow and consumption.

    What should I do to have access to tehe second counter as needed?

    I already have this devices defined in mcsTemperature.ini:

    A7000000318E2828="]1,97, 0,56,0"
    8A000000052B521D7="]34,97, 0,44,0"
    8A000000052B521D8="]35,97, 0,0,0"

    Device ]1 is temperature, ]34 is Wattage today and ]35 is Wattage rate.

    I tried including these two lines after:

    But isn't getting the counter value.