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  • Michael McSharry
    I do not think we have any computer interfaces at 418MHz. Perhaps it is close enough for 433Mhz with the RFXCOM or W800 (non-USA models). Bert on the RF forum would be best hope so you may want to try over there.

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  • itanic
    started a topic Home Comfort Zones

    Home Comfort Zones

    Up here in the Northwest US, there is a company called Home Comfort Zones ( that sells a product that allows users to control the temperature of individual rooms within the house. They do this using wireless transmitters mounted in each room that communicate with a central system connected to the HVAC system.

    I would like to have homeseer receive the signals from each of the transmitters installed in the house so I can display temperature information of the individual rooms. According to the Company, the transmitters use 418MHz. Is it possible to receive these signals in HS (using mcsTemperature) and if so, what equipment would I need?