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Dummy's Guide to xapmcsRF, mcsXap and mcsTemperature

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    Dummy's Guide to xapmcsRF, mcsXap and mcsTemperature

    This is going to appear as a really stupid question for the veterans around here, but I am still trying to get my sea legs with all this stuff. I am a biologist. I know just enough computers and electronics not to blow up the lab.

    I just purchased today RFXCom's USB 433.92MHz receiver and two Oregon Scientific's THGR810 Inside Temp-Hygro which have not arrived yet:



    I know that is possible to connect this stuff to mcsTemperature through xapmcsRF and mcsXap. The thing is I don't have a clue as to where to start. I am not even sure what type of animal xapmcsRF and mcsXap are.

    Where do I download xapmcsRF and mcsXap?

    Is there a manual and tutorial about how to use xapmcsRF and mcsXap?

    The forum is great resource once you have the ball rolling, but I don't have a base reference for all the information I am finding in the forums.

    Start at
    In the same subforum will be downloads for the pieces that you will need. Many have set it up and for most it was not intuitive. The only way to do it is to jump in and then ask when the instructions are not sufficiently clear.