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Deleting old sensors in mcsTemperature

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    Deleting old sensors in mcsTemperature

    We go through 1-wire sensors like candy here so in my Analog Sensor pages in the mcsTemperature setup I had a long list of dead sensors (23 in total), that had been thrown in the trash ages ago.

    I got rid of them, but I just wanted to check that the method I used is the best way to do it.

    First I made sure the fields Virtual Device, Database Field, and Cal/Avg of old sensors were cleared in the Analog Tabs of mcsTemperature Setup page.

    Then I shut down everything.

    Then I edited the mcsTemperature.ini in the "Config" directory of Homeseer 2. I removed the old senors from [Devices] in the ini.

    Then I just restarted.

    Seemed to work, but is the official method still. Did I miss anyother steps? The only post I found on this was kinda old.

    I think all you needed to do was clear the Device Code field of the sensor on the Analog tab.

    There are two related sections of the mcsTemperature.ini file. One [Database] identifies the database field for each virtual device and some other setup info about that devcie. The [Devices] section identifies each sensor and includes a reference to the device code. If you remove a sensor in [Devices] then you should also remove the corresponding device code in [Database]


      Ah, good to know. I will look to see if any pieces of junk are floating in the [Database] section of the ini.

      This is a painful process matching up sensor ID's, but I am just happy to be doing it right way.