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    The most current version of the software for the Oregon Scientific input is at
    You will want to download xapmcsHub, mcsXap, xapmcsRF from there. You will also want to download the xAp Viewer from to use as a debugging aid.

    mcsXap is unzipped into the Homeseer 2 folder. The others can be placed anywhere, but should each have their own folder. Start xapmcsHub.exe and xapmcsRF.exe and the tray will contain icons for each. No configuration should be needed for xapmcsHub. xapmcsRF will need the settings to identify the Serial Comm Port and 48 Bit mode for the RFXCOM receiver. The Serial Comm IP Address will be blank in your case the the defaults should be fine for the others. For browser content checkboxes you only need the setup checkbox enabled initially.

    When the Oregon Scientific data is recognized it will show up as a new row on the xapmcsRF browser page. If you want it to go into Homseer then give it a Location name.

    mcsXap is setup from Homeseer as an IO Interface. The setup page for mcsXap should have the checkboxes for Receive BSC and Add to HS Menu.

    Once both of these are setup and you have a few sensors showing in xapmcsRF have been given location names then use the BSC Query of Receiver button at the bottom of xapmcsRF to request that current status be sent for these sensors. They should then appear as new rows in the mcsXap browser. You then use the "A" column (Accept) checkbox to cause the sensor to be stored into a Homeseer Virtual device. mcsXap will assign defaults for DC, Location and Name. These can be changed if desired.

    Once the virtual devices are created then add these virtual devices to the Sensor Page of mcsTemperature

    For debugging xAP messages use the xAP Viewer. If will show if messages are being sent from xapmcsRF and mcsXap.

    For debugging RF reception use the IO window from the xapmcsRF tray icon to see the raw RF being received

    Once you have it working then add xapmcsRF.exe and xapmcsHub.exe to your Windows startup folder so they will start when the computer is started.


      Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am reading through these forums, and I feel like I arriving in the middle of a Chinese soap opera.

      Usually, it is a conversation between two people who know what they are doing, and I am just hoping to find one or two words I can follow in the whole dialog.

      I know you are thinking just read the forums, but for a newbie with no point of reference it is frustrating. I have been reading in the xAP library and ACRF forums for the past few hours, and I tried to install xapmcsRF165. I screwed that up beyond recognition. That was before your post.

      Now how everything relates is clearer.

      I am trying to get that xAp Viewer, but the link is dead. I did find this:

      I take it is the same thing just newer. It should be ok to use this?
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        The install of xapmcsRF has me a little confused. When I unzip, I see one executable and 5 folders.

        The five folders are Config, Docs, Scripts, Data, and HTML. When I saw those I thought I was suppose to expand this zip in the Homeseer 2 directory.

        But from you post, I think this action I took earlier was way wrong. So I just uncompressed the file into its own directory on the desktop and left it as that.


          This is actually a new question related to xapmcsHub, mcsXap, & xapmcsRF, but where is the right place to post it?

          Do you mind I post this here?

          For now I will, and here is a snippet of information. When I run RFreceiver it displays the following:

          This tells me the sensors, the antenna, and hardware drivers are working. So I am trying to grab something that is there.


            Yes your hardware setup looks to be good based upon what you are showing. For the xAP-based discussions a better place to organize the information is at


              (Moving this question to other forum now)

              I have these missing images in the http://localhost:8017/status page:


              I searched my harddrive and no images showed with these name anywhere.
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                You can use whatever you want to show for On and Off. Homeseer uses a light bulb as white or yellow for the two states. I often use the Green and Red LEDs. I also use a blank for on and a circle with a slash for off. If all you are using are the environmental sensors then on and off are not needed and you can set both to a blank gif.

                For the temperature I usually use the set of gif's that correspond to the temperature reading. I need to update xapmcsRF to use this set of graphics for the temperature readings.


                  Thanks, I just moved this over to the other forum here:

                  I do have another question over there though. You are not safe yet.


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                    OK, it is official. Bruce Padmore is not human.
                    Bruce Padmore isn't human, and he disappeared. Can you pass him a message for me?