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mcsTemperature Plugin Not Shown

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  • Michael McSharry
    The mcsTemperature installer prompt you for the folder where you want it to be installed. It should default to c:\program files\homeseer 2, but it should be confirmed. If there is the file hspi_mcsTemperature.exe in the Homeseer 2 folder then it should have installed correctly. You can also reinstall it when Homeseer is not running by executing the file C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\updates2\mcsTemperature5.7.0.2\setup_mcsTemperature.exe.

    When Homeseer is running then the Setup\Interfaces page is used to enable the plugin as a trial or register.

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    Guest started a topic mcsTemperature Plugin Not Shown

    mcsTemperature Plugin Not Shown

    Just been trhough the install procedure but the mcsTemperature button does not appear.

    In the log I get the following

    17/08/2007 09:41:48 - Updater - Downloading update: mcsTemperature
    17/08/2007 09:42:36 - Updater - Update hspi_mcsTemperature.exe downloaded successfully
    17/08/2007 09:42:36 - Updater - Downloading of updates has completed. Please restart HomeSeer to install the updates.

    17/08/2007 09:45:31 - Info - Found plug-in: mcsTemperature, version:

    17/08/2007 10:09:10 - Updater - Starting installation of updates
    17/08/2007 10:09:10 - Updater - Applying update: mcsTemperature
    17/08/2007 10:09:11 - Updater - Executing installer: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\updates2\mcsTemperature5.7.0.2\setup_mcsTemperature.exe
    17/08/2007 10:09:39 - Updater - Copying file: C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\Config\mcsTemperature.lf
    17/08/2007 10:09:39 - Updater - Installation of updates completed
    17/08/2007 10:09:40 - Startup - Checking for available plug-ins
    17/08/2007 10:09:40 - Info - Found plug-in: mcsTemperature, version:
    17/08/2007 10:09:40 - Startup - Restoring device status

    Hoemseer updated it show the status of the mcsTemperature as not installed.

    Please can someone help