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Serial to sensor mapping?

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    Serial to sensor mapping?

    Received my DS9490 and (finally) have it working.
    Plugged in a HobbyBoards Humidity/Temp/Solar sensor and get a bunch of devices:

    I am assuming that the first one (E581) is a DS2401 in the DS9490R and that I can just disable this one (no logging no virtual device.)
    I am also assuming the second one is the DS18S20 in the H/T/S unit.

    But, how should I assign the functions of the other 6 that (I'm assuming) are the DS2438 used to read the HIH4000 and the photodetector?

    Is there some info on supported / not supported DS devices and how mcsTemperature handles them?

    Any help would be most appreciated!
    Best regards,

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    1E000000A9324126 - Temperature
    1E000000A9324126V Raw A/D
    1E000000A9324126V1 Raw A/D
    1E000000A9324126V2 Raw A/D
    1E000000A9324126H A/D Converted to Humidity
    1E000000A9324126K A/D Converted to Sunlight

    I would typically not use the Raw A/D.

    Support for devices has come as individuals have asked for it. Stanrdard items can usually be put in mcsTemperature. xapmcs1Wire is better able to support new devices and already supports more devices than mcsTemperature.

    The DS2438, DS2423 and to some degree the DS2408 have the greatest number of differing uses so setup of these is usually not automatic unless they happen to be the default.


      Thanks Michael!

      I found this post ( post #3) regarding ini structure for devices that says:
      ... The explaination of the ini

      Device Code user entry
      Sensor Index for Temp05 or Com Port for DS9097
      Calibration/Bias user entry
      Error Count
      Resolution user edit
      My INI is slightly different:
      A50008015508F910="_1,USB2, 0; 0,, 0"
      4A0000002784E581S="`3,USB2, 0,, 0"
      1E000000A9324126H="_65,USB2, 0; 0,, 0"
      1E000000A9324126K="_39,USB2, 0; 0,, 0"
      1E000000A9324126="_2,USB2, 0; 0,, 0"
      1E000000A9324126V="_70,USB2, 0; 0,, 0"
      1E000000A9324126V1="_71,USB2, 0; 0,, 0"
      1E000000A9324126V2="_72,USB2, 0; 0,, 0"

      I see: Device="DC, Port, ??; cal/bias, err cnt, rez"
      Could you clarify what the value immediately following the port represents (and the semicolon) and why does my 2nd sensor (4A...581S) not have this?

      Thanks again!
      Best regards,

      If you're not out on the edge, you're taking up too much room!
      Interested in 3D maps? Check out my company site: Solid Terrain Modeling


        It is a multiuse field. For a discrete such as the one you asked about the value will be 0 for normal polarity and 1 for reverse polarity. When it comes from a Temp08 then it contains both this information and the Temp08 index for the discrete with a colon dellimiter. Calibration takes two forms for some sensor types such as Temperature sensors. The value before the semicolon is the bias and the after it is the smoothing weight.