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    mcsTemperature does so many things that it is hard for a user to read a manual and not be confused. The existing manual is relatively complete with screen shots based upon the V4 UI. V5 has the same functionality, but presented in a browser rather than a Windows form. It is true that there have been additions since the V4 manual was last updated, but it is not like there is no manual. It is something like 80 pages long.

    The latest wave of new users have wanted to know how to chart data that was not collected by the mcsTemperature interrface (e.g. Temp08, CSV, Quasar etc). There was a time when the weather forecast was the topic in vogue. Control loops such as thermostat emulation were hot not to long ago.

    mcsTemperature applications is a good use for Wiki organization where the settings to achieve a specific end objective could be best organized.


      Since you have relatively long sensor names you can increase the border so the legend of sensor names does not overlap the chart. This is done by changing the setting on the Display page from the default 35 for Inner Chart Vertical Start to something like 45 pixels. I think the plugin expect to be able to fit 4 names per line without wrapping to the next line.
      Thanks - I will try that.