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    No Database / Use With SQL Server

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to demo this plug-in on a fairly clean homeseer system (W2K3 Server).

    The original install didn't complete (hung) and I manually extracted the zip and did an install. I now get these errors in my logs:

    11/8/2007 3:34:08 PM mcsTemperature FormatTemperatureScreen on line 1900 Could not find file 'C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\mcsTemperature.mdb'.
    11/8/2007 3:34:20 PM mcsTemperature InitINIVariables sensorType=0, index=0 on line 7740 ActiveX component can't create object
    11/8/2007 3:35:00 PM mcsTemperature InitINIVariables sensorType=0, index=0 on line 7740 ActiveX component can't create object
    11/8/2007 3:39:50 PM mcsTemperature FormatTemperatureScreen on line 1900 Cannot open database requested in login 'mcsTemperature.mdb'. Login fails.

    I've tried setting it to use SQL server, but I can't follow the description I found for entering a database provider. Any ideas?



    The Server field will normally be blank unless you have multiple SQL Servers visible on your LAN. There are two databases that are normally the same. One is on the Forecast page that you may have missed. If you download the latest from the top of this subforum then I will be able to correlate line numbers with the error messages.


      I removed all traces of it, reinstalled from the updater, and then replaced the .EXE file with the one in the zip found in these forums (I am surprised it wasn't the complete installer, just an .EXE).

      I still don't see the database file there, and I'm getting a warning that I don't have a license file (eval or otherwise) and activating it in the INTERFACES tab won't stick. How do I create an eval license key? Or should I take a different approach to getting this setup?


        The .lf file is installed by the HS Updater. Any issues with the enabling of pluigns needs to be done via the HST Help Desk as plugin authors have no control over this.

        Another approach to licensing is via This will give you a trial independent of HS. To use it create a blank file \Config\mcsTemperature_License.ini. The pluign should then be available to HS as one not needing a .lf file and it can be enabled as an IO plugin. You will prompted twice with the license form where you will respond both time with Trial button. Do not delete the mcsTemperature_License.ini if you want to continue to trial via this mechanism.


          OK, I got the license going and activated it, but it still didn't create a default database:

          11/9/2007 1:19:07 PM Info Interface mcsTemperature is running as a trial, 24 days remaining.
          11/9/2007 1:19:07 PM Info Initializing Plug-in: mcsTemperature
          11/9/2007 1:19:08 PM mcsTemperature Version 5.11.1 Registered with Homeseer
          11/9/2007 1:19:08 PM COM Plugin Calling InitIO
          11/9/2007 1:19:10 PM Info Finished initializing plug-in mcsTemperature
          11/9/2007 1:19:16 PM mcsTemperature FormatTemperatureScreen on line 1920 Could not find file 'C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\mcsTemperature.mdb'.

          I then tried enabling sql server and only have one database server on the network. What credentials does it use, or do I need to create an ODBC connection on the host?


            You have mcsTemperature.mdb entered in one of the two database location settings. One is for Current data and one is for Forecast data. The same database is normally used for both, but two settings are provided in mcsTemperature. mcsTemperature.mdb is not a valid SQL Sever database. I used mcsTemperature as my database name for SQL Server.

            The two ini files are mcsTemperature.ini mcsForecast.ini. You can post these if the above does not help you.


              Does the db in mssql get created automatically once I get through the permission/connectivity problems, or do I need to create it, and the tables, in sql first?


                Ok, I created the database and made sure that HS was running with an ID that had permissions and it created the 'Temperature' table with two columns.

                I'm still getting an error however:
                InitINIVariables sensorType=0, index=0 on line 7790 ActiveX component can't create object

                I haven't successfully defined any sensors yet.

                Thanks again,



                  I do not see anything that should be associated with the error message that you are receiving. The FastString class is a simple string builder that is defined in the project. iconSize is a string type declaration. 7790 does not have any object creation, nor anything else that I see could generate any error messages. What I did do was allowed initialiaztion to proceed after the error is generated with V5.11.2. I suspect, however, that something else is going on.

                  The message board has a posting limit so the full installer cannot be posted. For some the large file is also a problem so only change files from what is in the updater are generally posted on the message board.

                  7710      Set fs2 = New FastString
                  7720      fs2.Add ".gif' height='"
                  7730      fs2.Add iconPixels
                  7740      fs2.Add "' width='"
                  7750      fs2.Add iconPixels
                  7760      fs2.Add "'><img alt=' ' src='/images/sensors/blank3.gif'></td><td valign='middle' align='left'><font color='"
                  7770      fs2.Add GUIColor
                  7780      fs2.Add "'>"
                  7790      iconSize = fs2.value
                  7800      Set fs2 = Nothing
                  Public Property Get value() as String
                            'Use Join function to create final string
                  10        value = Join(m_arrString, "")
                  End Property


                    OK - I give up...

                    I've made dozens of attempts to get this working whether through the updater or manually from What do I need to do to get either situation running properly - meaning deleting all references to the HSPI and re-installing? What is the preferred method?

                    I'm pretty sure this is the plug-in I'm looking for so I want to get it running...



                      Your OS, VMWare, and SQL Server are not the mainstream for users of mcsTemperature. It really should not matter, but then a lot of things have unexpected dependencies.

                      I would start with one step at a time. I assume you want to collected data using DS9097U. Install Microsoft Java VM and install the V4 of the Dallas Semiconductor 1-wire COM drivers. While you are doing manual installs then also install the COM (ASP/VB) version of chart director. These are all the external packages on which mcsTemperature depends.

                      Install mcsTemperature from the Updater. Leave all settings at their default.
                      Select Poll for adapters and confirm that the <USB2> port is displayed. This assumes you have a default install of the DS9490.

                      Select a DS9x9x sample interval of 1 minute. Select a transfer of data to database at 1 minute. Attach a 1-wire sensor to the DS9490. After 1 minute observe the Sensor page of mcsTemperature and accept this sensor and give it a name and the database field a simple field name without spaces or special characters.

                      Collect data for a few minutes and bring up the Group page. Change the group name from Default to Test. check this sensor for both include and draw. Select LinTab as the chart type. Update (Save) then To Graphs button to view the chart.

                      Once you get to this point then change to SQL Server if you wish. Add other sensors and setup other things per your preferences. Update the hspi_mcsTemperature.ocx with the version from the message board so known bugs have been fixed and source will match what you are running for support.