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mcsTemperature freezes

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    mcsTemperature freezes

    Hi Michael

    My 1wire net is doing well (wind, rain, temperature, pressure)
    Every 3 to 4 weeks the system stalls with no obvious reasons, including the HomeSeer web interface
    I cannot even kill mscTemperature in task manager

    The easy fix is to unplug/replug the DS9490R USB connector

    Seems some transmission errors are not handled by mcstemp and/or Homeseer

    Am I the only one to encounter this phenomenon ?
    Michael, do you think that a couple of error management code lines could fix this ?
    Would you be prepared to implement them ?

    Best regards

    mcsTemperature does have error management code in each module, but it depends upon the DallasSemiconductor 1-wire drivers to raise error conditions that can be managed. I have observed that the DS9097U depends upon tight timing to operate properly. This means that the drivers retain control for periods of time waiting for expected hardware response. Task manager is ineffective in stopping the process when the drivers have control. Another observation is that when mcsTemperature is abnormally aborted the drivers will not allow 1-wire data collection until the PC is rebooted.

    In your case I do not know the root cause of why it is hanging. I am willing to help investigate, but I do not have visibilty into the drivers to know what scenarios cause them to retain control without any timeout provisions.


      Thanks Michael, I can live with that anycase

      Last year, I could easily replicate this hanging phenomenon by switching on a "low consumption" light nearby. I am since back to classic incandescent technology.
      Should you need further info, or have me run one of your famous special debug versions, just let me know.