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humidity sensor dropping in and out?

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    humidity sensor dropping in and out?

    As you can see on the attached image, my humidity sensor (the dallas ds something or other, combo w/temp, connected to temp08), dropps to a value of 1, and then back to a more expected reading. at the beginning of the graph is when my wife was in the bath, at the end is when I was in the shower. as you can see, the temp is constant, but the humidity drops in and out.

    Is that normal?
    plugin version is
    I have this in the status page:
    Total Temp05 Errors=42844 : Last Error with device )4

    the device mentioned is Temperature 7E000000A8D51C26
    Not even sure what that is, cause I have all of them named. I do notice that it reports the same value as my humidity sensor, )41
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    It is an expected behavior with the Temp05/08 and is really trying to report 101% humidity. There is a setup on mcsTemperature where you can specify the lowest reasonable humidity (e.g. 10%) and if it the Temp08 returns a value lower than this mcsTemperature will correct. I think it also has a checkbox to limit humidity to 100%.