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    CK1610 Graphs


    I am just getting around to use the graphing functions from the inputs of my CK1610.

    Inputs (sensors) are as follows:

    Input 1 Garage Door Status; contact is N.C. so input is 1 unless door is open.
    Input 2 Oil Burner running; contact is N.O. so input 2 is 0
    Input 3 Garage Motion Detector (PIR); contact is N.C. so input 3 is 1 unless motion detected.

    I see the option on the sensor page to toggle any input switch reverse polarity. I tried checking the boxes, click rev pol, and save for inputs 1 & 3 but nothing happens.

    I want the graph to reflect the garage open time rather than showing it closed for hours on the graph.

    Is there a way I can do this by changing the input status?


    The sensor page polarity defines how data is stored. The trend charts always reflect ON or Value not equal to 0. An update query of the field in the database can be used to change the past data otherwise your options are to only observe data going forward after you change the polarity.


      Thanks, I don't have a clue how to flip flop the existing discrete fields in the database.

      I will see how it works out moving forward.


        If you copy the following into a .vbs file such as db.vbs and then dbl-click on the file name it will swap the 1's and 0's. Before running it you need to edit it to reflect your table names. The next to last line uses the table name tblABC. Rather than tblABC you will need the table name of your discrete that you have defined in the Sensor page of mcsTemperature. Also confirm that the database path is the same as yours and edit as necessary. Repeat the process for each table you want to swap the values.

        TemperatureDatabase = "C:\Program Files\Homeseer 2\Data\mcsTemperature\mcsTemperature.mdb"
        DBProvider = "Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source="
        Set objConn = CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
        objConn.Open DBProvider & TemperatureDatabase
        SQL = "UPDATE tblABC SET Discrete = ([Discrete]+1) Mod 2"
        objConn.Execute SQL


          worked like a charm.