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Need ACRF2 Help pls

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    Need ACRF2 Help pls

    Ok... ordered the software... downloaded it ... now I am lost...

    TRYING to read the manual

    My (ACRF2) Devices are [7, [9, [11 for temperature and
    [8,[10, [12 for humidity.

    What do I put where ?

    I tried to put "[" as the default for new sensors, it added a LOT, most of which I will want to delete...

    I am sure once I get a (good) hint it will all make sense, but right now my status page is a mess.

    It may be a case otoo much Eggnog and Turkey... but I don't see my data...

    Oh Yes... after nuch I found my city code (USMD0169) and out it in at the top of the forcast page... but it doesn't seem to do anything...

    What am I doing wrong ?

    Thanks and Merry Xmas all....

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    The Sensor setup page of mcsTemperature is where you add your ACRF sensors. One line for each sensor.

    If you want to have mcsTemperature bring in weather data from WeatherXML/ then I would select the button to create plugin house codes. This will generate two device codes for it to populate with devices. The default house code will be the first of these two that are created.

    The forecast has no relationship to the ACRF devices and entries on the Sensor page. The MSNBC feed is no longer supplied so via WeatherXML is the source for current conditions and forecast data. You need to sign up for this feed from and then either use the WeatherXML script to download the XML file or have mcsTemperature download it directly. There are settings to select between these two methods.


      I looked at that page, but saw no way to "ADD" sensors...

      Attached is what my Sensors page looks like... no ADD button
      Attached Files


        Put the Device Code in the DC column and a database-friendly name in the last column and Click Save Changes at the top. Another blank row will appear for next sensor to be added. When you add the humidity sensors then change the type column to Humidity. The database name should be alpha and or numbers without spaces and start with an alphabetic character.


          Wow... thanks. That was not in the user guide ANYWHERE. I would never have found that one.... Some one else told me to put them in interface...

          A few more questions if you don't mind.

          I re-loaded and that got rid of SOME weirdness...(like my menues dissapearing)

          Is there a NEW more complete user guide since 2004 ?

          How long for it to pick up my ACRF2 temp & humidity sensors ?

          Lastly... since MSNBC no longer is supported, is there a guide/thread/direction on how to setup the WeatherXML/script stuff?

          This to was about as clear as mud.... and that was AFTER trying to read all the threads....
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