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H E L P - Multiple setup issues

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    H E L P - Multiple setup issues

    OK, I re-loaded the software and someone told me how to input my ACRF2 sensors...

    But NOTHING is sowing up... I let it sit for a few hours hoping it would pick up a few values... NOTHING.

    I re-read the 2004 manual, I read all the threads, I still don't get how to set it up...

    I have 6 sensors, 3 temp and 3 humidity. [7 through [12. The are in, and they work in my status page (and have been)

    However... I can get NOTHING from MCSTemp...


    If you want charts then you need to record data to the database. The fields to which they are recorded are specified on a sensor-by-sensor basis on the Sensors page.

    The transfer to the database is specified by checking the "Transfer mapped virtual devices to database" checkbox and selecting an interval for the transfer. This is done on the Interface setup page.

    To view the data on charts you need to define a chart group from the "Groups" link at the top of the mcsTemperaute pages. The new group will contains the sensors that will appear on the same chart. Do not use "Default" as the name of your new group. The group name, after it is defined will be available for selection from the Homeseer Menu or links on the top of the mcsTemperature pages.


      YEA !!! I have Data, I have charts !

      Now the questions become more real...

      On my Chart, the NAMES it picked were the "TYPE" not the locations...

      so I have 3 temps and 3 -humiditys.... how do I get the propper names (locations) onto the charts and other things...

      Lastly, can you (or someone) offer similar good information on how to get forecasts since MSNBC is no longer supported?

      One more I guess... is the 2004 manual ever going to get re-writen ?

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        As with most manuals it has everything covered except what you want to know. You can look at an update at

        I'm guessing that the Display Page checkbox for Always Show Only Device Names is checked and the Homeseer names for the devices are Temperature or Humidity and the Location field is what you are using to identify the room where there sensors are located. If this is the case then uncheck that checkbox.