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Java and DS9X9X driver addresses

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    Java and DS9X9X driver addresses

    I have today installed a new HS setup and mcstemperature with one wire drivers.

    the plugin currently insists on the MS Virtual Machine. I found the latest version in TWO files which need installing in this order to get the last version of the VM: first of all build 3805 and then the upgrade build of 3810.

    both are to be found referred to from early in this page:

    I found the latest drivers which work for one-wire as version 4.00 (note that version 4.01 only seems to support .net which won't work with mcstemperature):

    Good luck - it's worth doing!


    Thank you!

    Thanks for this post. I moved Homeseer to a new computer, installed the 4.01 1wire drivers and couldn't get it to work and I was pulling my hair out, at least until I saw your post.

    4.00 worked great.