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Still can't get forcast to work

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    Still can't get forcast to work

    I have the Weathermap getting an updated map, but I can't seem to get anything else to get filled ... I am sure it is something dumb on my part, I don't see it...

    (Sorry, I haven't quite gotten the handle on inline images vs attachements)

    I don't see any "can't login" or "improper partner" stuff in the logs, so I don't know what it is bombing....

    What I get is... (note the map, temp and Humidity are right... Temp and Humidity are probably formated wrong because nothing else is getting filled in....
    Attached Files

    You can email your \Config\mcsTemperature.ini and \Config\mcsForecast.ini to mcsSolutions at CenturyTel dot net and I will take a look at the setup


      Are those files I am supposed to edit ? I thought everything was done throught the web browser config pages (forcast.asp etc..)

      I will extract those files and send them along shortly...


        Give Version 5.12.6 a try. I was able to use you .ini files to obtain the forecast page with it. Click the Get Forecast Now button from the Forecast Page, wait a couple seconds and click it again. Go to the Weather page and it should be visible to you as well as the HS devices updated


          Where do I get that version? The updater stops at

          If I downloaded it, what files would need to go where ?


            It is the attachment at the top of the thread at
            When HS is not running unzip the contents into the Homeseer 2 folder which is normally c:\program files\homeseer 2


              Got it...
              Installed it...
              Got WeatherXML (not obvious that you need a seperate plug in as well)
              installed it...
              Setup my Partner ID & Password

              Set up weatherXML script to run ever 60 min.

              Trying to setup all the virtual devices that pass stuff between plug-ins...

              this is NOT as easy as I thought it was going to be...

              got the error msg

              GetWeather2 C:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\mcsTemperature.mdb Forecast, F1Max, SQL=SELECT * FROM Forecast WHERE v_LastUp = #2008-01-03 4:25:00 PM# DB=Provider = Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source= Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal. on line 2460

              still trying....


                Ok more stuff that I can't figure out what goes where...

                WeatherXML setup wants to know...

                XML file second location ?

                Oh yes, do I want MSCWeatehr to get its values from WeatherXML or the WeatherXML File ?

                It wants the virtual Device names for a lot, but they don't line up with the ones the MSCWeather created..

                I have min AND max for days 1-5
                I have a wind speed but no direction...

                I am not sure what to do with my ACTUAL Humidity and temperature readings (]11 & ]12)

                in other words....

                H E L P !


                  You do not need WeatherXML script to use the data from withing mcsTemperature. The .ini files that you sent me expected to get the data directly from If you have no other reason to use the WeatherXML script then I would not use it and leave your mcsTemperature setup as it was before.

                  Post #75 at has a good template with the 10 forecasted temperature fields defined. Since you have no useful data in your database then you can replace it with the posted one. Yours was setup to be mcsTemperature.mdb in the Homeseer 2 folder.


                    Could you repost that link... the url came accros with the middle as "..."