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    Wind Instrument from Hobby Boards

    Is anyone using the wind instrument from hobby boards?

    I am having some setup issues and could really use some help.


    I believe there are a number of us that use it. What do you need help with?


      When I connect mine up, I get a bunch of different new sensors and something just doesnt seem right.

      I get the following new sensors.

      1 - Direction (would expect)
      4 - Voltage
      1 - Temperature (would expect)
      1 - Wind Speed (would expect)
      1 - Wind Gust (would expect)
      1 - Water Flow
      1 - Water Flow Rate

      I dont get why I am getting the 4 voltage sensors and the water flow and water flow rate.


        The wind instrument is implemented with a quad A/D converter DS2450 and a dual counter DS2423. These parts are used to interface a variety of things so the software does not know the specific application so the user needs to decide what he is interested in.

        In your case you would not be interested in the four A/D voltage, but only how these voltages are used to determine Wind Direction. The same is true of the 2nd counter which now defaults to a water flow counter. Hide these devices.


          Ok.. Makes sense.

          Thanks for the information