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error geturlie on line 210

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    error geturlie on line 210

    I'm getting the following error spamming my log:

    1/22/2008 10:43:20 AM mcsTemperature GetURLIE on line 210 Automation errorThe requested resource is in use.

    it shows up once per minute. Everything seems to run fine, though. running

    any ideas?
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    The code segment that reports the error is below. I would think the Stop method would free up the resource to allow another navigation to occur.

    200               IEObj.Stop
    210               IEObj.Navigate2 href
    IE is used to download forecast data. I have tended to use the Inet control rather than IE for downloads. mcsTemperature had originally used the Windows API calls in a separate process.

    If you do a google search for "The requested resource is in use" you will get many hits and suggestions.