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    I'm starting a new thread based upon the following
    A couple of items for improvement:

    1. Wind direction. Instead of reading out in degrees, common 16 pt. notation would be nice.. ie. N, ENE, E, etc.

    2. Graphs. Once created, the only way to delete is to edit the ini.

    3. Ability to sort sensors by Name, DC, etc. on Sensors page.

    4. On the Display screen, when any change is made and saved, client screen sizes all revert to 600, requiring a second edit.

    5. As discussed, most of the world being metric, conversion to English to upload to Weather Underground would be an asset.
    1. The wind direction is shown as an icon with 16pt notiation and the text as the angular measure. How is this different than what is being asked?

    2. Added in V5.13.0. A remove option is now available on the Group Selection pulldown from the Group page

    3. Sort functionality was implemented and now fixed in V5.13.0

    4. mcsTemperature has a setting to make screen sizes global or associated with a specific requesting IP. Confirm that the setting is not for a specific IP. Also clarify if the redo is necessary from the Windows form or Browser.

    5. Added in V5.13.0. Please confirm it is doing as desired.