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mcsTemperature just died...

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    mcsTemperature just died...

    Not sure what happened, but mcsTemperature just broke. This is the situation.

    I have RFXCOM 's USB 433.92MHz receiver and currently two of Oregon Scientific's THGR810 Inside Temp-Hygro.

    I checked basic functionality with RFreceiver. So reception is good.

    Then I setup xapmcsRF & xapmcsHub. I checked to see if I have data flowing through them using xFx Message Viewer. I see what looks to be correct there.

    Finally I see the values being appearing properly in HS2. Each of the two sensors has three values of Temperature, Humidity, and Battery Status. The values match the values appearing on the sensor itself, and the last updates are always within 30 minutes.

    So my problem looks to be within mcsTemperature.

    I need to check a few things, so I will be back with some more info.

    Anyway, is there an easier way of being able to monitor temperatures, keep them in a database for charting, and be able to set conditionals on them. This approach always seems to break, and takes days to fix each time.

    There are other ways, but I do not think ther is a single pece of software that does everything you want. For example the powertrigger plugin will save to a text file and make charts from that file. A variety of scripts will write to a database and then another variety of scripts will make browser page charts. For something that has conditionals, database and charts allintegrated together then mcsTemperature is your easiest. If you were having problems getting RF dat into Hs the the ACRF or RFXCOM pluginns are an option. I think RFXCOM plugin is supported with some scripts tha you could modify for making browser pages.


      What I did was get the configuration files and database from a backup made a few months ago. Cut and pasted them in, and was able to get it going again.

      I decided to to give ACRF2 a try and it seems to be doing a good job. Stable and seems to updating fairly regularly.

      I wanted to get the charting ability of mcsTemperature, so I just typed in the DC codes from ACRF2, chose the either humidity or temperature for type of sensor, and typed in a DB Field name in the Sensors page. The sensor name just autofilled once I hit save.

      The database is filling up with data every 5 minutes it looks like which is what I need. The data format used by ACRF2 is apparently compatitble with mcstemperature. When I view the database with Access, it is filled with 4 digit values. 65% Humidity is saved as 6500. 71 Degrees F is saved as 7100.

      I am starting to hate the HSM100 sensor. It just seems to sit there for hours without updating when I know temperatures are changing. I don't know why they had to make a Z-wave device that was battery operated. It is just frustrating.

      Now my new problem with mcsTemperature is the creation and deletion of groups. When I delete a group it just reappears. I have duplicate groups, and can't get rid of them. Groups are appearing in the drop list, but not in the links across the top. Groups are appearing in the links across the top, but not in the drop down list.

      I will make new post concerning this once I gather more info on the problem.
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