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Temperature Action creates multiple Temp Action Control Devices

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    Temperature Action creates multiple Temp Action Control Devices

    I have created an event called RC Cool that uses a Temperature Action.

    I know it creates a Temperature Action Control Device with same device name as the event.

    The problem that I am having is that it is creating multiple Temperature Action Control Devices.

    I was not expecting this.
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    Does it create 2 when you define the event or does it create a second one some time later? If you delete the A1 device does it reappear as a RC Cool? Are there any errors in the HS log associated with this?


      It creates it sometime later. FYI: The system daily reboots at 11 pm.

      I have looked through the logs and have not noticed any colored log entries appearing. I looked for highlighted error entries, because the log is just huge. I have not noticed anything.

      Is there a particular log entry to search for?

      I will delete the A1 device now and see if anything happens.


        It will not be a colored entry, but it will have mcsTemperature in the middle column.

        When a plugin asks for a new device to be created, HS will create the device with device code A1 and then the plugin is expected to change the device code to whatever it wants. The behavior looks as if mcsTemperature, during startup, asks if the device exists and it appears not to so it creates a new one, but when it goes to change the device code something happens. It is something like HS and mcsTemperature are initialing at the same time and they are not coordinated.

        I'm not certain this is the scenario, but the symptom makes this one to consider.


          Well after I deleted A1, no new RC Cool's have appeared in devices.

          At one time I had as many as 6 different RC Cool's.

          This maybe to me editing and saving the event multiple times.

          Since I have deleted A1, I have not editied the event.

          I will leave it alone for 2 more days just to see what happens. Then I will edit and save the event a few times in a row and see what happens.

          Damn, I wish I made a screen shot of all those devices. I wonder what their device numbers were.

          FYI: I am always bitching about getting temperature and humidity into Homeseer. I really think that using mcsTemperature & RFXCOM plug-in with the hardware of RFXCOM receiver & Oregon Scientific Wireless Sensors is the current best practice until there is a Zwave non-battery operated temperature & humidity sensor. Even then, that would have to be combined with mcsTemperature because of the charting, logging, and event features. I am just a crazy woman in a lab thinking crazy thoughts, so I don't expect that Z-wave device to ever happen. That would be just silly.


            After, editing and saving the RCCool a few times, nothing happened.

            No extra Temperature Action Control Devices have appeared in the past week.

            The only change that has occured was reducing the Number of hours to catch-up in the power failure settings.



              It only happens when you are not paying attention. That is not strange. That is normal.