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    mysql setup

    how do I go about setting up so that I can use mysql as the database.

    what tables do I need and how do I get the data to write to the table.


    It is setup to support Access and SQL Server. It will create the database and tables itself so no need for other files or user database creation.

    I do not know the differences between mySQL and SQL Server. The only setup that needs to be done for SQL Server is to use the checkbox to select SQL and give the database name someting that is SQL compatible. mcsTemperature.mdb will not work for the SQL name. If you have a SQL server on the network that is not the default SQL server then you will need to add that name in the setup to identify the SQL Server.


      a bit more

      I guess what I am needing to know is
      where do I enter the information such as
      user name
      port usually 3306

      so that I can allow access to the server


        The connection string I use for SQL Server expects integrated security. In the expression below the SQLSource is the name of the non-default SQL Server. The Initial Catalog is set to the name of the database. These are the two user entries available.

        "Provider = sqloledb; Integrated Security=SSPI; Data Source =" & SQLSource & "; Initial Catalog="