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    Admin & Guest access...

    I would like to provide guest access to my mcsTemp pages without allowing them access to HS. I have accomplished this with my weather pages by checking the user permissions prior to writing the page header and footer and providing the appropriate header/footer: HS generated for admin or plugin/script supplied for guests. This allows the admin users full access to HS and the guests can only navigate to the links provided by the plugin/script.

    Is there any way to do this with mcsTemp?
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    mcsTemperature.asp contains security logic that some want and some do not want. mcsTempeature does use the HS server to send data back to the client so if the server has some security at this side then mcsTemperature will not be able to get through. I suspect it will be able to where the HS securuity will only be implemented on the HST-built pages.