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temperatures multiplied by 10

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    temperatures multiplied by 10

    I've made a few changes yesterday (upgrading to, registering MCSTemperature and changing some charting settings)

    I have 3 temperatures from a Quasar 3145 which are working fine. I also have 3 temps coming from RFXCOM (1 Digimax + 2 RFXCOM wireless sensors) which now need to be divided by 10 eg. they show 180 deg C in MCS Temperature. In the Status view on HS, they show the correct Temperature, it is only in MCS Temperature that they are incorrect.

    This has only happened today - they have been working fine up up until now.

    Is there a divider setting in MCS Temperature that I have inadvertently changed?

    Data placed in DeviceValue is probably scaled from the Quasar reading. Data placed in the DeviceString is not scaled. Data placed in the database is scaled by 100 with data normally comming from DevcieString, but does come from DeviceValue when only icons are shown for temperature.

    The HS Device Status page normally displayes DeviceString. The charts from mcsTemperature use the database.

    Your settings to show only temperature icons affect this. If the RFXCOM sensors scale the inupt by 100 before putting it in the DeviceValue and mcsTemperature scales it by 10 and the database is getting its value from DeviceValue then this would explain it. You can look at DeviceValue with script &msgbox hs.DeviceValue("DC") where DC is the device code. You can look at the database with Access where the field name is what was setup in mcsTemperature.


      Thanks Michael, that did it. For reference, I had changed the Device Formatting option on the Display menu to be Icons only. I changed it back to "Text and Icon for Temperature" and all is now well. I just need to go into the DB and modify the records where the values were multiplied by 10.