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Flip flop y axis?

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    Flip flop y axis?

    Is there anyway to control what shows up on the right and left side of the y axis on a chart? For some reason my chart that I've been using for a couple of years all of a sudden has "Seconds" on the left side and "Temperature" on the right side. They used to be opposite. I'd love to get them back to how they were. Other than that they are working great.



    I'm glad you asked that. It's been on my mind but I've been enough of a pain for Michael of late. In my case, I have Temperature, Humidity and Barometer all on one side. It would be nice to have the choice.
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      There is an algorithm used to select the axes for each charted sensor. I would have to research the code to refresh my memory of the details, but the basic concept is to place all sensors with the same approximate range of values on the same axis. Temperature should be the preferred sensor and selected to be the first axis and the others selected based upon range. I suspect your "Seconds" is a control chart and that may have different algorithm.

      I tried to minimize the number of setup parameters that are required to produce charts. With simplicity also comes a limitations on customization. I can forsee that the setup where colors are selected it may also be possible to allow specific axis to be selected and when none selected then the existing algorithm applied. Obviously not there now, but something I will consider for the future.



        I look at best SWF charting system, working eval release without limitation



          I use flash charts in mcsSprinklers with a different package. Flash charts are nice, but a word of warning is that HS does not support parameters for flash charts in the URL so depending upon this package deals with parameters it may or may not be effective for HS. When the help desk ticket was submitted the response was that this was a new feature request rather than a problem.

          Another note about drawing charts is that the chart is usually easy to draw, what takes all the work is the UI to make the setup of the chart require minimum effort on the part of the user. I suspect the ratio of UI for the user vs. the chart drawing commands to Chart Director that is used by mcsTemperature is of the ratio 100:1 lines of code.