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    How to upgrade?

    I am using ver 5.13.5 from the upgrader, but I found a later ver from here
    but I am not sure how to upgrade using it, since their is no installer.

    I am following this post since I have had all the same problems

    I am also trying to get the forecast from the weather_XML file but can't find where to put it in the program so I am adding to the ini.

    My local NWS Site ID is KCLE

    WeatherXMLFilePath=D:\Program Files\HomeSeer 2\Data\weathercom_xml\weathercom.xml

    Does it go after the [Forecast] or [WeatherXML]

    Another thing that helped was replacing the orig .mdb with the new one you provided here

    What is different with the new ver of the DB?

    The only thing is I am still on the older ver 5.13.5 of mcsTEMP.

    So in a nutshell I am trying to get data from 3 sources

    1 Weather_XML. (local forecast)
    2 My local temp virtual devices in HS. (RFXcom OS Sensors)
    3 A Delimited Text File (from a weather station)

    Also do any of the mcsSPRINKLER programs come with a ver of mcsTEMP?


    To upgrade unzip the contents of the attachment into the Homeseer folder. You will want to copy the existing hspi_mcsTemperature.exe to somewhere else for a backup.

    mcsTemperature will read the XML file downloaded by the WeatherXML script. You just need to identify where the file is located. Earlier mcsTemperature versions would download the file, but provisions did not exist in the software to assure the licensing requirements for displayed links was being enforced so the download capability was removed.

    The WeatherXML file location changed since the initial release of the WeatherXML script and I do not recall where the most current location is. The actual statement used to read the location is below. It goes in the WeatherXML section or the mcsForecast.ini file
    strXMLFile = hs.GetIniSetting("WeatherXML", "WeatherXMLFilePath", hs.GetAppPath & "\data\weathercom_xml\weathercom.xml", ForecastIniFile)
    The early versions of mcsTemperature did not break out the 5 day forecast into individual days for trend lines. Later the database was expanded to include these fields. The software attempts to detect when the database needs to be updated and tries to do it. For some the auto-expansion does not happen.

    You can import .csv text files into HS virtual devices via mcsTemperature and these can be selected as some of your weather information. Up to 3 files can be done this way. You just need to define the template. The template layout example is shown on the setup page.

    mcsTemperature is a swiss arm knife of functionality. mcsSprinklers is very focused. mcsSprinklers does have its own weather data collection that is more complete than mcsTemperature and it has its own database and charting capability. In the standalone version the charting is flash, but HS's server does not support Flash parameters so it is a not very attractive HTML block format. mcsSprinklers also has the calendar display format and its trend charts are only annual. For a more expanded trend charting from mcsSprinklers the xAP environment is used and this provides a charting capabilty similiar to mcsTemperature.