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Need help with initial setup

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    Need help with initial setup

    Current conditions are obtained from the site ID. I used yours, did GetForecastNow button and saw the current conditions in both the HS devices and on the Weather link.

    NWS Forecast is based upon the latitude and longitude that is in the HS settings.ini file that should exist when you setup you environment.

    The Radar URL has no assistance provided for finding an image that works for a given user. The two settings provided by mcsTemperature are used to enter the URL for the radar (or any image you want to show). At one time blocked their images. The link you referenced is not a single jpg image, but constructed with overlays. I use my local TV station's radar feed.

    For local sensors enter the HS device code of the sensor and then save the Sensor page entry. If you want the data to be charted then also enter a database field name. Done use spaces or other special characters in the field name. If is not a temperture sensor then select the type from the pulldown.


      Thanks for responding Michael

      I confirmed my settings.ini (as well as location in HS) have my correct city name and latitude and longitude. I see the 17 codes assigned to forecasting in the HS Status, but they are all blank (never set).

      Enclosed are screen shots of my forecast tab, weather tab, and sensor tab.

      I don't seem able to save a sensor name in the sensor tab. I tried to add it to the Name box, but it disappears when I hit Save Setup Changes. In which box should it be entered? I can't seem to save it anywhere it will stick.
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        I suggest using INET rather than GetWebFile for data download. This is near top on Forecast tab. The sensor tab just shows you did not specify any HS Device codes that you want to be included in the database for trend lines. If you still do not get anything in the Forecast virtual devices then I suggest using the General Debug and capture the output when you click on the GetForecastNow button. It should provide more info about the download attempt.



          I got a few more days to play with it. No luck with forecast, radar, or sensors. I basically don't have anything working yet.

          First for radar. I tried INET and GetWebFile. I tried both URLs below.

          I got this simple URL for local radar. No image in mcsTemperture Weather tab and Forecast is blank.

          I also tried the URL listed in the manual. No image in mcsTemperture Weather tab and Forecast is blank.

          These attempts generated lots of error messages (enclosed text file). This was before I activated General Debug Log. It can't find the file when I click on the radar image placeholder on the Weather tab. Activating the General Debug Log did not change the Log entries.

          BTW, in the mcsTemp header, between the date and Sunrise, it says No File. Problem?

          For the sensors I'm trying to get my Oregon scientific temp sensors recognized as virtual devices. For example [5 is the code for one. I can't enter it in any of the boxes on the Sensor tab and have it stick. Where does it go??

          Very frustrated...
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            The attached file is just further evidence that you are not having success with the download of data from your selected sites. This is like what would happen if you have some type of firewall that prevents it.

   has blocked their images and that is why radar will not work from that site. The .gov site URL looks to be a HTTP page request and not a .jpg image.

            You can post your mcsTemperature.ini and mcsForecast.ini and I can see how it runs in my environment.

            It seems your objective is focused on downloading weater data. While mcsTemperature provides this capability it is not the primary advantage of the plugin. There are many scripts that have been made available that download weather data from a variety of sources.


              I have several purposes planned for mcsTemperature. I'll have several local sensors including temp, humidity, UV, AC power, gas, and water consumption to track. I also want to use temp control loops for a couple purposes such as my hot tub and an attic fan. I may eventually add some 1 wire stuff. And yes I want an easy weather forecast display.

              Is only a single .jpg image allowed? No other format or animations? I'm waiting for my XML data feed approval. It seems a simple .jpg image is getting harder to find as time goes on.

              What about the sensors? Why can't I get the codes to show up or enter? Am I doing something fundamentally wrong?

              My .ini files are enclosed.
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                I made a few edits to your setup to specify my zip code for NWS forecast and to add a sensor to the sensor list for trend line charts. I also gave you links for the Seattle, WA area radar that I use. While these are not correct for your location it shows you a setup that does work.
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                  Thank you Michael, that helped. I now can enter my HS defined sensors.

                  However I can't get my sensors to graph. Enclosed is the Trend Groups page showing the sensors I've picked to graph. I named the group Trial, gave it some limits, and saved it. Then I click on To Graphs and the page has no graphs. I see the Trial group is still selected along with End=Now, Period=6hours, Type=Table. I tried a variety of other graphing formats with no results.

                  I also still can't get any forecast information to work. I confirmed there is no firewall and everything else can access the Internet, including other HS plug-ins. Even my local sensors don't show up in the Weather tab.

                  Do I have a bad install or something? I've rebooted my PC.
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                    The table is a matrix layout and no trend lines. Lintab contains both data grid and trnd lines. Chart Director should have downloaded and you would have been prompted to run the installer for it.There is also a setting to suppress graphic trend chart on iitial access. If it does not initially show then draw page again. This was for low bandwidth connectkions.


                      Yes that is how I guessed it should work. But it's just not working right on my PC. The more I play with it the more I realize very little of the program is actually working. But I really want to use this SW. I'd like to do a reinstall with new 30 day trial, if possible.

                      What is the right procedure for removal, reinstall, and new 30 day trial?


                        I'm getting somewhere.

                        I reinstalled mcsTemp from the updater. I recreated my sensor list and Group list for graphing. Now for graphing I have check boxes with the sensor name and error message "No Items Selected for Line Graph". This is an improvement! I believe this to be a Chart Director problem, no?

                        Originally when I installed Chart Director I did not use the default directory location. Does this cause problems? I uninstalled it (from windows add/remove programs) and reinstalled it from their web site using the default directory. Still does not seem to work.

                        Any recommendations?


                          no ata for line graph typically means that the data for the sensors selected is zero over the display period. It is likely not related to chart directot install. chart director can go anywhere. If you select lintab as the chart type then you will see the statistics of the data selected and se if it is non-zero


                            I confirmed my 6 sensors are changing, that is the data varies over the 24 hour period selected for graphing. I tried all 5 types of graphing for my saved "Trial" group.

                            Here are 3 pertinent screen shots.
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                              I just had this same problem when I rebuilt my PC. I found that I had to re-install the Chart Director software that MCSTemperature uses to display the graphs. You can get the Chart Director software at
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