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    Total time On

    Hi Michael -
    Is there any way to track the total time that a switch was on during a specified period (24 hour)? Currently we can see Average, Min and Max. I'd like to see how many hours a day my pump is running as a total number of hours. Currently I have to look at the graph and add up the minutes per hour for the entire period.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.



    The control chart provides that information. It will take an item that is defined as a switch or relay and accumulate the ON time for the chart duration selected. The result is only visible in chart format so it cannot be used as a trigger or elsewhere within Homeseer.

    For the attached I have Furnace_Gas as a "Control" on the group setup page. It is declared as a switch type on the input. I also have Kitchen and Air_Return as "Line" and they are of type temperature.

    The dark green on the chart shows the switch (Furnace_Gas) going on and off as dark green waveforms. It shows the cumulative as an area chart with a light green color. For this example, in a 72 hour period the Furnace_Gas is ON for 350 minutes.

    Had I also shown the fireplace temperature in this chart then the source of heat for the air return would have been shown to be the fireplace for the second 2 blue humps.
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      Hi Michael - thanks for the reply. That's exactly what I need. I'm not following a couple of things. First, you are talking about mcsTemperature, correct? If so, I don't see how to define something as "Control" on the group setup page. I have my pump setup as a switch on the input page so I've got that part correct. I just can't see how to setup for the cummulative time. In the first sentence you refer to a "Control chart". Is that different than a regular chart in mcsTemperature?


        I took a look at mcsTemperature and you are correct that it does not provide this capability. These were made with xapmcsChart. It is similar, but operates in an xAP environment.


          Thanks Michael. So, any thoughts on how to get this using mcsTemperature?