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Location name changes after HS reboot

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    Location name changes after HS reboot

    Hello Michael

    I've discovered an issue with device location names. When I change the device location of my sensor on the status page initially everything is ok: the device location name changes in temp too. However after an HS reboot it reverts back to the old name. This only occurs with devices registered in the mcsTemperature Sensors page. All other sensors are ok after an HS reboot.

    FYI, there is also this issue I raised a few months ago. I bring it up again in case it is related. The Control function in the status is not linked to HomeSeer robustly. If the name is changed in the Status page it won't work correctly any longer, something gets out of sync.

    I'm using version 5.14.6

    I setup a test where 2 sensors are on the Sensor page. One has the mcsTemperature house code and one from another plugin. I changed the room location from the HS Device/Status page. I observed the Sensor page of mcsTemperature has the new location. I restarted HS and the new rooms were showing in both HS Device/Status and mcsTemperature Sensor page.

    What did you do different than what I did in my test.

    The Temperature Action Event and the device that reports the status of this event are associated by name. If you change the name of one then the relationship is broken. HS does not provide any elegant mechanism to link an event to a device other than when the device is the device change action of the event.


      Humm... What you described should show the problem.

      Here are some screen shots of before and after the HS restart. Sensors TH1T, TH1H, originally had locations of "Outside Shade" and TH3T was "Outside Sun". I have moved these sensors and renamed the locations to "Backyard" and Front Yard".

      The first two are before HS restart and the last two are after HS restart.

      It seems like the HS restart restores an old/obsolete copy of a database or list. This only occurs with sensors tied to mcsTemp.

      I've not tried to delete the mcsTemp database or edit the Sensor list in mcsTemp.

      I'm open to suggestions.

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          I have tried many combinations and I'm not able to reproduce. Here is some design info that may help understand and yield some clues as to what you have vs. what I have.

          1) mcsTemperature does not save a device's location or name. It saves only its HS Device Code.
          2) mcsTemperature treats the first word in the Sensor page Name field as the HS Device Location and the remainder of the field as the HS Device Name. When displaying the information retrieved from HS it just concatenates the two so it is not apparent of this separation. When a change is made on the sensor page for a device then the location will be saved based upon only the first word in the name field
          3) When mcsSprinklers creates HS devices it uses the default location field defined by the use on the Devices/Files page.

          Something you can try is to make a location change within HS and confirm it is reflected on the Sensor page. From Setup/Interfaces disable mcsTemperature. Observe the HS Devices/Status page to see if the location has been disrupted. If it has then it has to do with mcsTemperature shutdown. If not then restart HS. If the location is changed back then what is happening is not understood since mcsTemperature is no longer running. If it does not change then start mcsTemperature and observe again.


            After a lot of trial and error I think I have narrowed down the problem. It's not with your plug-in; it with the ACRF2 plug-in.

            All of the device codes monitored with mcsTemp come through the ACRF2. However there are two devices through the ACRF2 that are not monitored with mcsTemp. They also revert back to the old location after HS reboot.

            In other words all devices with ACRF2 in the status page's Type description revert back to the old location after HS restart. It appears one has to change the location in both the device page AND the ACRF2 sensor setup page.

            Thanks again for your excellent support Michael.
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