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Error installing from updater

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    Error installing from updater


    Just an FYI, you might want to check the mcsTemp installer and make sure that it's presenting the user's HS directory and not a default path and directory for install.

    I just tried to install the latest version from the updater and as I began to quickly blast through the install, all I remember seeing for an install directory was "C:\Program Files\Homeseer..." so I just continued. There were no errors or special notifications during the install, however, I found it strange that the version number did not change to what was listed on the updater.

    Upon looking at my \Program Files\ directory, I noticed there was a new HomeSeer directory, "Homeseer HS2", that contained only the new mcsTemp files and the directories. The installer had faithfully created the new HomeSeer directory (HomeSeer HS2) and dropped the files in without any notification that "the directory does not exist, do you want to create a new one?"

    When I went back and re-ran the installer, I saw that the install path was defaulted to "Homeseer HS2" and not my "HomeSeer 2" dir.

    No big deal, just thought I'd bring this up as others may have the same issue...
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    This problem had occurred with mcsSprinklers too. Michael changed the install dialog box of sprinklers to warn people to confirm the install directory.

    Not sure why the software does not check for the correct HS install path, there is a HS command for it.

    EDIT: clarification.
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      I tried looking into the Installer documentation and did not see any way to execute something before the install from within the installer script to get the path from HS or to replace the application path that comes from the installer's prompt with something that would be obtained from HS. If others know then I am receptive to making it foolproof.


        This command is not useable in the install script?



          The installer has its own language and vb scripting is not part of it. It has the ability to execute files and from this it will be possible to shell out to execute the command, but the file execution is enabled after the installer expands its files onto the drive and this is too late. Even if the seqeunce could be changed the problem still exists on how to tell it not to prompt the user for a path and use the path from the scripting command. This all may be possible, but nothing I could find in the installer help files or examples.