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    Thx for the fast reply.

    That is the strange thing. When I run xapmcs1wire all the sensors read out perfect. And when I use MRB1WireTemperatureTester.exe the sensors work also.
    The reason for buying the mcsTemperature is the nice graph-options which I cann't do without.

    I don't know what you mean by " other interfaces besides the DS9490D/9097U" since the one I have works well with the v4.00 32 bit version driver under XP. Everything point to a combination of v4.03 64bit driver and the plugin since I don't find any problems with anybody who uses the v4.03 32 bit version of the driver.


      If you can use MRB1WireTemperatureTester.exe to get the sensor values into HS virtual devices then you can use mcsTemperature to graph the values. If you have a computer that can run the 4.00 version of the DallasSemiconductor drivers then you can use mcsTemperature to manage the 1-wire senors.

      I also saw somebody recently posted that they have a script that puts the 1-wire sensor values into HS2 virtual devices.

      I was also indicating that others have provided plugins to process 1-wire sensors, but these plugins expect an interface that is different than DS9097U or DS9490D.


        x64 4.03 driver

        Has anything more been done to support the 64bit driver in HS2 mscTemprature.
        I am getting the same error in line 8040 as well. When I run the software that came with the driver from Dallas/Maxim it locates and reads my sensors. I have tried installing the 4.0 drivers but they all yell at me saying it does not support x64 machine.


          The OWAPI library and a COM environment is what mcsTemerature uses. I have not looked, but I doubt if there has been any further development in that area. There will also be no further development with HS2 not that HS3 is available. For the .NET environment I maintain xapmcs1wire for the 1-wire interface.